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Summer Camp

Bedford Academy offers a Summer Camp Program for elementary school aged children from mid June to the end of August. The camp is based out of the school building which is located in Bedford, at 5 Brookshire Court.

The program provides a safe, caring environment designed to expose the children to a full range of age specific, summer time activities. Campers range in age from four to twelve years of age. Activity groupings place the children with peers of similar age throughout the day
The camp is "activity based" with an emphasis on both physical and artistic activities Monday through Friday. Daily swims at the Lions Pool in Bedford are part of the afternoon agenda. Swims are supervised by Red Cross lifeguards with two pools available, one for beginning swimmers, the other for children who are 8 years old and have successfully passed the required swim test administered by the guards. Field trips are conducted each day to a number of educational locations in the metro area. The Academy bus provides transportation for all camp activities with a provincially certified driver.

The Academy computer lab is available for the children to engage in a number of technological experiences while under direct adult supervision. Arts and crafts are an integral part of the camp experience. The children are provided with the opportunity to express themselves through several artistic mediums including watercolors, clay and craft materials. The individual creative efforts of each child are encouraged in a non-judgmental free expression environment.

The Summer Camp Registration fee, which is $100.00, includes all field trips and daily swimming.

Weekly Rate is $200.00

Daily Pre-booked Rate is $45.00

Part Day Rate: $30.00 (Camper must be picked up before or dropped off after noon.)   

Bedford Academy Summer Camp also welcomes campers on a drop in basis at $55.00 a day.

Questions regarding Summer Camp can be directed to the Academy Director, Nancy Wallace or Associate Director, Megan Wallace at 835-2384 or via e-mail at admin@bedfordacademy.ca.