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Regional Tennis Champions

Aug 12 2016

  • Paige, Lily and Ava...Metro Regional Tennis Tournament champions!
  • Paige gets ready for her first challenger.
  • Paige channels her inner Milos and gets ready to serve.
  • Paige gets ready for a big backhand.
  • Paige hits the forehand return for a winner.
  • Lily gets ready to let loose on her first serve.
  • Lily shows perfect form on her backhand.
  • ...and forehand
  • Lily follows through for the winner down the line!
  • Ava gets ready for her next shot.
  • Ava in action.
  • Ava loading up her forehand.
  • Game, Set and Match for the champion! Ava smashes a forehand for the win.
  • Congratulations to Ava, the Nova Scotia open winner of the Pat Covert Award for sportsmanship