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School Climate

Bedford Academy provides a safe learning environment for students. The educational climate is one of the key reasons this private Bedford school has generated so much parental interest. The Academy's mission, "Empowerment Through Knowledge" is based on Director, Nancy Wallace's philosophy towards a child's education. Create a learning atmosphere in which pupils feel secure, keep class sizes to a minimum and challenge the children with an enhanced, curriculum, carefully designed to meet each student's distinct, learning needs.

All Bedford Academy teachers share these common beliefs as they strive to cultivate a setting that values the individual differences each child brings to the classroom. Those unique qualities are encouraged to grow within a non-judgmental atmosphere of total acceptance and appreciation.

The small school atmosphere enables the teachers to interact with, and relate to, all Academy students and not just those who are members of their class. Such a broad base of teacher contact and familiarity creates a tremendous sense of security for the children who attend Bedford Academy.

With a maximum class size of twenty, students the Academy teachers are able to devote considerable individual attention towards each student. As a result of such frequent one on one interaction, a personal connection is quickly made between the student and teacher. The academic strengths and weaknesses of the child are identified immediately and a course of instruction, acknowledging the learning style of the pupil, is put in motion. Aspects of the grade level curriculum of particular interest to an individual student can be emphasized within such a small class, and lesson goals enhanced to a more concentrated degree. The students receive immediate recognition for their accomplishments and are constantly provided with increased incentive to achieve more through their active involvement in class.

The curriculum of Bedford Academy is based on the Nova Scotia Provincial Department of Education's Learning Outcomes framework. Each subject has grade level specific statements outlining expectations for that portion of the curriculum. The small student population at Bedford Academy allows the teaching staff to have a clear picture of the grade level development of all students as they progress through the Academy. Such staff awareness ensures that those students seeking above grade level challenges are provided with opportunities.

Beyond the prescribed curriculum, Bedford Academy provides a wide base of extra curricular activities for all students. The Bedford Academy Art program introduces the students to a wide variety of artistic mediums and themes, which are showcased during the annual Art Gala, a major school community event hosted in the spring. The Bedford Academy Music program encompasses choir, voice, piano, guitar, jazz and rock band.  All students are provided with instrumental instruction as part of the music program.  Private lessons are also provided upon parental request for Grades Junior Primary to Nine.  The extremely popular Intramural program provides soccer, volleyball, basketball, racquet sports along with club activities.  The Interscholastic program with cross-country running, basketball and track teams offers a more competitive sporting arena for interested students.

Bedford Academy focuses on the education and personal growth of individual students. Parents seeking a solid primary to grade nine level foundation for their children are asked to direct their inquiries to Nancy Wallace, Director of Bedford Academy at 835-2384 or emailing admin@bedfordacademy.ca to arrange for a personal interview.