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Ryan Cox

Grade Eight

Mr. Ryan Cox was born and raised in Nova Scotia where he grew up reading fantasy books and playing in the woods behind his house.  One of Ryan's former teachers, Mrs. Ruth Turner, told him that he would make a great teacher someday.  Her compliment made a lasting impression.

After his public schooling, Ryan studied English, Geography, and History at Saint Mary’s University, with the goal of one day becoming a teacher.  Next, he completed a Bachelor’s degree in Education at Mount St. Vincent University, so as to qualify himself to teach in Nova Scotia and beyond.  Incidentally, it was not in Nova Scotia that Mr. Cox first found a place to teach, but rather in the faraway city of Hong Kong, where he taught English, Geography, and History for two years, and learned how to chat about the weather in Cantonese.

After his teaching adventure in Hong Kong, Mr. Cox returned to Nova Scotia, where he worked as a music teacher at the Fall River School of Performing Arts.  There he strummed guitars, hit drums, plucked basses and sang songs with his students. When the opportunity presented itself, Mr. Cox enthusiastically accepted a position at Bedford Academy, where he could once again teach his favourite subjects: English, Geography, and, perhaps someday, History.

When he is not learning with his students, Mr. Ryan Cox may be found hiking with his dog, reading in a nearby park, or playing in the woods behind his house.

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