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International Students

Since its inception, Bedford Academy has drawn parental interest from both national and international circles.  A number of international students have attended the school over the years through educational exchanges.  Students from other countries have chosen to reside in the Bedford community and become a pupil at the school.  The primary purpose of such an exchange has been for the visiting student to acquire the ability to converse in English fluently and learn about the Canadian culture.  These opportunities have proven to be equally beneficial to the host families as well, in that they have shared in the life of a child from afar and have learned just as much about their guest’s country and way of life.

Bedford Academy has embarked on yet another experience designed to further educate our students above and beyond the traditional, prescribed curriculum.   

English as a Second Language (ESL) support is one of the foundation courses offered as an integral part of the program.  Every effort will be made to make the transition into the school and community as seamless as possible for the International Student.  The Host Families will be reassured that the exchange is a group effort between the Academy and the home.

This once in a life time educational experience, will provide Academy families with a unique opportunity for their children.  Questions concerning the International Home Stay Program can be forwarded to the Academy Director at nwallace@bedfordacademy.ca