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Grade One Music

Grade One Spring Concert June 2018


Maryam: Thanks and welcome to the show.

Landon: We have a lot of fun songs for you today.

Benjamin: Here’s a song about making friends at school.

Bailey: This song is from the movie Curious George.
We Are Going to Be Friends

Cait: Thanks. Are you enjoying the show so far?

Andrew: Here’s a fun way to go visit somebody.


Mail Myself to You

Madeline: The next song is called The Book of Love

Isla: We're going to sing this song to our Moms.

The Book of Love

Evelyn: Now we will sing two songs that go together well.

Christian: Feel free to sing along if you know the words.

Catch a Falling Star / Happiness Runs

Ryan: Life is beautiful and miracles are everywhere.

Aviva: Now we will sing a song from the movie Charlotte’s Web.

Ordinary Miracle – Blue Skies

Olivia: Here’s a song everybody knows. Please sing along with us.

Senuth: Thank you for taking care of us.

Ryker: We want to dedicate this song to you.

You are My Sunshine

Juliana: That was fun. We have one more song for you.

Ava: Thanks for singing with us.

Ewan: We had a lot of fun in Grade One. Thank you for coming to hear us sing.

Alec: Have a great summer.

Mikail: Here’s one more song - It’s always a good time.

Good Time



Welcome to Grade One Music

Grade One students are learning about many aspects of music including:

  •     In-tune singing
  •     Musical expression

  •     Reading music notation
  •     Beat and rhythms

  •     Performance Practices / Stage Craft
  •     Music appreciation
  •     Participation within an ensemble

  •     Rhythmic movement and dance