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Scott Blair

Class of 2010

Scott Blair

Scott graduated from Bedford Academy in June of 2010.  After a very successful career at the school he entered the IB program at CPA in the fall of that year.  He maintained his high academic standards and continued to pursue his lifelong dream of a career within the Canadian Armed Forces.  Upon graduation from CPA in June of 2013, Scott was rewarded for all of his hard work with a scholarship valued at more than $120 000.00 to the Royal Military College of Canada where he is enrolled as an Officer Cadet Armour, ROTP and will be Majoring in Military and Strategic Studies.  Scott was one of only 23 applicants to be accepted, out of approximately 1200 candidates in the region.  Upon graduation from RMC, Scott will be an Armored Officer, leading a troop of armored vehicles on operations, attached to either the Royal Canadian Dragoons or the Lord Strathcona's Horse.