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Meaghan Kells

Class of 2008

Meaghan Kells

Charles P. Allen was my destination after graduating from Bedford Academy. The strong academic background that BA offers its students enabled me to easily meet the academic challenges throughout high school. I graduated with High Honours and received a scholarship to St. Francis Xavier University, which I accepted.

I am pursuing an Honours degree in Finance at St. FX. I started at St. FX knowing very few people and feeling like I was pushing myself way outside my comfort zone. The first week was a blur of colours, people and shouting – X welcoming its new students home. I met hundreds of new people, some who have become my best friends, and I felt so welcome. That is one of the reasons that I now work at the school as a tour guide – to encourage others to join the amazing community at St. FX.

I really enjoy involving myself at the university, and St. FX makes that easy. In addition to working as a tour guide, I also begin work at the campus bar in the spring semester, and I’m the president of the Ski and Snowboard Society. It’s been amazing to meet so many people who share my passions within the society and to see the exponential growth we have enjoyed in the last two years.

Currently, I’m studying abroad in Ireland. This has been another experience that threw me way outside of my comfort zone. When I arrived in Ireland, I knew nobody, however within a day I had met a large group of American Study Abroad students who live in my building, and shortly after that my 5 Irish flatmates moved into the apartment. Now I have a group of friends who I would have never met if I stayed within my comfort zone, and I believe that I’m a better person for it! Not to mention how exciting it is to travel!

The most recent opportunity that studying abroad has given me is the ability to travel Europe. I have tickets booked to visit Paris and Amsterdam, and just today I returned from a trip to Nantes and Rome! I am so thankful to have all these opportunities at my fingertips and am ready to meet any future opportunities that arise with all my heart.