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Helia Hollenhorst

Class of 2008

Helia Hollenhorst

Helia is in her third year of university at Dalhousie, completing a double major in honours chemistry and neuroscience. Her goals are to finish her undergrad and pursue a career in pharmacy or get her PhD to teach and do research. She is currently a Research Assistant in the neuroscience lab at Dalhousie and spent this past summer as a volunteer in Dr.Thompson's chemistry lab at the university helping to develop anti-cancer drugs. The compound she synthesized this summer has been sent to a musculoskeletal research unit at a hospital in the UK. Helia now works part time in the lab, working on two projects which will also be sent to the UK for bone research and on projects involving EEG's. Helia is currently a teaching assistant for the first year psychology lab and instructs her own class of 26 students. She is a is a third year chemistry representative and still trains with the Dalhousie Tigers Cross Country team. Helia is also still involved in horseback riding and vocal performance.