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The foundation of the Bedford Academy curriculum is the Learning Outcomes framework. Student progress will be based on the level of attainment of these learning outcomes for each subject area, which is outlined in full detail in the following documents from the Nova Scotia Department of Education website:

The formal reporting of student progress will concentrate on two areas, assessment and evaluation. Assessment is defined as the gathering and selecting of observable information related to the interests, attitudes, knowledge, skills and needs of children. Some forms of assessment that will be utilized by teachers are: performance based, project based, portfolio, self-evaluation, interviews and journal writing. Assessment will provide the information needed for evaluation.

Evaluation is defined as the interpreting of data, the act of making a professional judgment about the quality of children's work in relation to learning outcomes and expectations. Progress reports will be issued during November, March and June. Parent/teacher conferences and student progress meetings will coincide with these reporting periods to provide parents with the opportunity to discuss their child's progress.

Bedford Academy believes that technology, primarily through a computer focus, should be integrated into the curriculum, to serve as a tool designed to enrich and expand the learning capabilities of all students, from grades Primary to Nine. This goal is accomplished by providing a setting in which all children are given every opportunity to take advantage of our present technology, to utilize educational software across all subject matters, to develop research skills using the World Wide Web and to become independent users of current and future technologies. Every Academy student is able to interact with a full range of technological equipment from desk top computers in the Lab, or classroom instruction via LCD projectors to project work using a multitude of multi media experiences.

The Academy's famed, Academy Edge Program, was introduced in 2005 to the junior high grades. Each student was provided with a Dell laptop computer to be used as a wireless educational tool. Daily assignments, class notes and project work were completed using this form of individualized technology. The parental feedback regarding this new initiative was extremely positive. Through this program Academy students were given a base of technological skills that surpassed any of the province's recommended learning outcomes for this aspect of the Provincial School Program.